What is Keypad?

Used for operating a fire or burglar alarm system. Typically found at every entry area to an alarmed location, keypads often allow one touch arming and disarming as well as other system functionality. Some keypads are more advanced such as a talking keypad that speaks system status in plain English or a touch screen keypad that can be used to control home appliances.

It is important that a keypad be able to provide system status on all zones so that when the system is armed the user is made aware of any zones that are in fault. For instance, if the back door was left open, the keypad should let the user know that the backdoor zone is in trouble when the user attempts to arm the system. If a keypad can not provide system status, you run the risk of arming your system with an open zone which would leave the security system vulnerable to unauthorized entry.

Our modern alarms use a color touchscreen to make it very easy to see what is going on with the alarm system as well as use it and make changes to settings.