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9.2 Channel Home Theater

with On-wall Speakers, Recessed LED LCD, Full Automation, Lighting Control, Netflix, AirPlay and BUTT KICKERS!

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A successful technology project requires much more than the choice of new products.   During our first visit we will:

  • Give you options to choose from, according to what you want to be able to do with your technology.
  • Save you thousands of dollars on time, equipment and labor for your new system or upgrade.
  • Make your equipment do what you want it to ...


Alarm Install in Spring City Rowhome as a Complete System Replacement

This customer wanted to replace an outdated alarm system with an easy-to-use, future-proof alarm that would alert her when the power goes out or the alarm goes off. They wanted to have complete control over all aspects of the way the alarm panel sounds and the behavior of the sensors.

Most importantly, this customer wanted a friendly company that was available to them at any time with personalized, immediate support, that was cheaper than ADT monitoring costs, and didn’t lock her into a contract.

Total Home met all of these needs.

We were very thankful to have had the opportunity to demonstrate The Custom Installed Difference!

So Easy to Watch Your Home from Anywhere

This customer wanted an easy way to watch her driveway and front door, day or night, from the basement and from work. We installed a weatherproof camera that looks great right above the front door and can see in color during the day and in black and white even in the dark. They also wanted interior cameras that they could move around to look around the house at pets. We were glad to install reliable, always-on cameras that they could peek in on their loved ones anytime, anywhere, and even pan and tilt the camera 360 degrees to cover two rooms with one camera.

It works great on their laptop, iPad, and Android phone using an app we put on there and taught them how to use!

Terrific project, we had it installed and running in less than 3 hours including the installation of a new dedicated power receptacle for the outdoor camera.

Residential Alarm with Burglary and Smoke – Townhome

This was a replacement of an aging ADT system where we were able to replace the existing keypad and huge metal box in a closet with our combo panel/keypad that is completely self-contained and includes home automation features should the homeowner choose to add features later. The infrared motion sensor is pet-friendly for their new puppy as well!

Home Theater Upgrade with Bonus Features

This customer originally had a very nice home theater installed several years ago along with a Whole House Audio system. They contacted us because there were several issues and the Home Theater itself was not working at all. We ended up replacing quite a bit of the equipment and upgraded the setup considerably in the process.

– New A/V Receiver which controls all audio and video switching
– All components connected with digital cabling – removing 75% of existing cabling
– Integrated Google ChromeCast for easy audio/video streaming
– Whole House Audio now can use CD changer or Cable Box as a source
– Cleaned up entire equipment rack
– Replaced heavy tabletop controller with sleek OLED rechargeable wand remote programmed just for the customer.
– Protected the installation with a home theater quality power conditioner
– Automated the motorized directional front speakers to move in and out when receiver is powered on and off.

Multi-Room A/V Revamp!

This customer had a programmable remote system installed as well as a basic home theater and wanted to expand the system to include TV and music outside on the patio/pool area. And we replaced his 4-remote-control home theater with ONE custom programmed remote.


– Replaced A/V receiver with a Multi-Zone receiver that has more power, Internet Radio, and Apple AirPlay support.
– Control Zone 2 (Outdoor Zone) independent of the main (Home Theater) zone.
– Share cable box between outdoor zone and gym.
– All equipment protected and organized together in furniture in basement.
– 3 custom programmed remotes designed for the use of the family in each room – no more pile of remotes!
– No More Pointing – the remotes automatically work throughout the house to control the equipment.
– Calibrated the Home Theater with special microphone and software that adjusts parameters to the room itself.

9.2 Theater w/ On-wall Speakers, Full Lighting/Automation and BUTT KICKERS!

This customer wanted to build his family a fun and enjoyable home theater that is really easy to use, and provides an even better experience than you would get by going to a movie theater.

During the Project…

After we were able to determine the vision of the project from a few discussions with the client, we put some packages together that we designed to meet his exact needs. Once he chose what he wanted, we were able to assist the carpenter and electrician with the requirements and design.

The Finished Project

Stay tuned for some videos of this theater in action! Especially with the remote-controlled lighting, one-button Blu-ray, one-button Netflix, and one-button Internet Radio with Pandora! We also programmed an Intermission button which would pause whatever you were watching and bring up the lights. Another press of Intermission would bring the lights back down and resume where you left off. Great feature! All possible with Total Home Media Design custom programming.

9.2 Channel In-Wall Surround Dedicated Projector and Screen

This customer wanted a dedicated projection home theater in their finished basement. They also want to listen to a lot of music for parties and chose a pair of main tower speakers for the front channels. All of the speakers are in-wall and in-ceiling. The projector and all equipment are 3D capable.


Structured Wiring Cabinet for Cable, Network, Phone, and Intercom Systems allow for the proper protection, organization, and long-lasting reliability of the backbone of the home’s connections.

Motorized 110″ Screen and 3D Projector and Blu-Ray provide delight to the eyes.

The 9 channels: Front Left, Front Right, Center, Front Wide Left, Front Wide Right, Rear Left, Rear Right, Rear Wide Left, Rear Wide Right. The .2 is for the two Subwoofers. This provides complete immersion in the recording that you are watching. This particular customer wanted us to custom mount the speakers in the walls and ceiling.

Main Stereo Speakers allow for superior stereo music listening. When you are listening to something, the receiver automatically turns the correct speakers on and off according to the format of the recording to give the most accurate reproduction of the source material.


Patio sound system rocks the whole yard!

Patio sound system rocks the whole yard!

Today I received the highest award you can get as a custom audio/video integrator. We installed an outdoor audio system that you control from an app. When my customer handed her phone over to her young sons, they found their favorite song in their mom’s phone, cranked it up and you should have seen those smiles. They were so excited that they would have music when they play outside. I felt like a million bucks all night. Anyway, after a wifi upgrade, an amp and a pair of outdoor speakers… This proud customer can pull out any phone and control or send music to the wifi amplifier and crank it up loud enough that we had to go into the Advanced settings to put a hard limit on the volume. (That made me happy as both a music and backyard barbeque enthusiast!)

Quick and Easy TV Wallmount

Quick and Easy TV Wallmount

We love the clean, refined look of a TV just sitting on the wall with no cables in sight. This customer is working on updating their basement with a clean, affordable look. We had a hard time walking away from this beautiful 4K picture, especially after they put the Eagles game on!!!

Thank you very much for allowing us to put a professional touch on your new TV purchase!

Protect your business with digital infrared cameras.

Protect your business with digital infrared cameras.

Protecting your tenants, employees and customers is paramount. Being able to look at your business from anywhere makes your job easier. Some of these photos were taken using our mobile app.


Clean and refined bedroom TV Wallmount

Clean and refined bedroom TV Wallmount

We ran the cables through the wall and mounted the TV on the bedroom wall in this beautiful sunny Devon townhome.


Thank you very much!


CCTV Install covers all parking areas and patios in West Goshen resulting in arrest

CCTV Install covers all parking areas and patios in West Goshen resulting in arrest

This owner wanted to get extra coverage of vehicles due to break-ins. They had us hide a camera up on a pole in the vines to get an alternate angle to avoid criminals ducking the cameras.

UPDATE: This setup resulted in an arrest of a burglar in the parking lot! Congratulations to this homeowner for choosing Total Home for quality and reliability that you cannot get in a “camera kit off the shelf”


CCTV perimeter coverage in Phoenixville

CCTV perimeter coverage in Phoenixville

Simple and easy coverage of the perimeter and driveways for this family that recently renovated in Phoenixville.

Special thanks to Spats Construction for the referral.

This homeowner has an amazing Harley and we are happy to have it under protection!