8 Unexpected Things You Would Hate to Lose If Your Business Was Robbed


If you lock up your cash in a safe at night, you may feel pretty secure, even in the unlikely event of a robbery. You may assume that you have little to lose, so investing in a business security system isn’t worth it. However, safes are not a surefire method of securing your valuables, as perpetrators will often bust into the safe, or steal the safe altogether. In addition, some of your valuable assets may not even be protected in your safe. Consider the following eight unexpected things you would hate to lose if your business was robbed:

  1. Important documents: Bank statements, credit card statements and copies of employees’ birth certificates are important documents you don’t want a robber to have access to. While it’s easy to lock away birth certificates, statements arrive every month. It’s unlikely you transition them into a safe immediately upon arrival.
  2. Checkbooks: The last place you want your business checkbooks is in the hands of a thief. You need to act quickly to freeze your accounts if checkbooks are stolen. While this stops a thief from making fraudulent check and debit transactions, it also stops your business from functioning for a time.
  3. Customer records: Customers trust your business security to protect their records, which usually contain personal information. If your customers’ credit card, social security, bank account numbers and other identifying information leave your business, you could lose trust and find it difficult to build your customer base back up after the robbery.
  4. Computers: Not only is the equipment itself expensive, but hard drives also often contain sensitive information. Replacing physical equipment could cost a small fortune, but it could be impossible to recover the confidentiality of that sensitive information.
  5. Personal property: What personal objects in the office do you deem valuable? Photos, electronics, furniture, paintings and other items that don’t relate directly to your business could be prime targets for robbers.
  6. Inventory on display: You can’t take down your windows display every night and lock it in the safe. Anything on the shelves is up for grabs.
  7. Employees’ sense of safety: After a robbery, some employees may not feel safe working for you anymore, especially if they work the closing shift. A lost sense of safety could even cause some of your valuable employees to resign and seek work elsewhere.
  8. Credibility in the community: Customers may feel unsafe doing business with you after a robbery, especially if their personal information entered the wrong hands. Addresses, phone numbers and credit card information can easily be used by a thief for nefarious purposes. Customers may even feel unsafe stepping foot in your business, especially shortly after the robbery when windows and doors are still in a damaged state. Tarnished creditability could hurt your business for years to come.

Is a Business Security System Worth It?

There’s no way you can take the time to lock up documents, records, hard drives and inventory at the end of every day. Plus, it’s impossible to prevent the intangible harm your company faces after a robbery, such as your employees’ loss of safety and damaged credibility.

That’s why a business security system is well worth the investment. As you should well know, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Recovering from a robbery takes time and money, and you may not ever fully recover from the scars placed on your employees’ sense of security and business credibility.

Plus, with advanced features such as security system automation, you can control every aspect of your business remotely, from locks and alarm settings to lights and air conditioning. Full control over your business offers priceless peace of mind and can even save you money on your lighting and heating bills.

Don’t wait until it’s too late.

To learn more about the security options available for your business, call us today with a good time to come and discuss your needs.