9.2 Channel In-Wall Surround Dedicated Projector and Screen

This customer wanted a dedicated projection home theater in their finished basement. They also want to listen to a lot of music for parties and chose a pair of main tower speakers for the front channels. All of the speakers are in-wall and in-ceiling. The projector and all equipment are 3D capable.


Structured Wiring Cabinet for Cable, Network, Phone, and Intercom Systems allow for the proper protection, organization, and long-lasting reliability of the backbone of the home’s connections.

Motorized 110″ Screen and 3D Projector and Blu-Ray provide delight to the eyes.

The 9 channels: Front Left, Front Right, Center, Front Wide Left, Front Wide Right, Rear Left, Rear Right, Rear Wide Left, Rear Wide Right. The .2 is for the two Subwoofers. This provides complete immersion in the recording that you are watching. This particular customer wanted us to custom mount the speakers in the walls and ceiling.

Main Stereo Speakers allow for superior stereo music listening. When you are listening to something, the receiver automatically turns the correct speakers on and off according to the format of the recording to give the most accurate reproduction of the source material.