We use on every 2GIG alarm system because it helps our customers control and monitor their home or business very easily. has had perfect service, rock solid reliability, and they give us the tools we need to take care of our customers. Their apps are well thought out and easy to use and never give us any problems. They have features that really make the alarm system better and safer, as well as helping people keep in control and know what is going on at all times.


How works

  1. Sensors installed throughout your home or business monitor and communicate all activity that takes place even when the system is disarmed.
  2. All of the information travels over a dedicated wireless connection to the Operations Center.
  3. If an alarm occurs, the signal is routed to your central monitoring station for a 24/7 emergency response.*
  4. If a non-alarm event occurs, like your kids walking through the front door, the signal is routed to you and your pre-determined contacts via text or email based on your settings.

First-class protection

Because monitors all sensor activity, it knows when someone enters the property. When the system is armed it understands there should either be an armed or disarmed command sent. If the panel is destroyed and is no longer communicating, it does not get the appropriate response signal and will send a notification from its Network Operations Center to emergency personnel.

Most homes have smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors to notify you of danger when you’re at home, but what if the alarm goes off when you’re away? immediately signals the central monitoring station for emergency response, and sends you a text or email alert so that you’re aware of what’s happening, no matter where you are. You can choose to receive alerts when the smoke alarm goes off, whenever carbon monoxide is detected, or when a flood sensor is tripped.

And, unlike traditional home security systems, connects key systems like energy management and video monitoring so you can set rules to have your home respond to emergency situations – for example:

Have the HVAC automatically stop running in the event that carbon monoxide or smoke is detected so that it’s not circulated throughout the house.

Set triggers to automatically capture video footage or images whenever the fire alarm goes off so you can see what’s happening even if you’re not home.

Avoid extensive damage from flooding or frozen pipes by getting notifications as soon as flooding is detected, or if the temperature drops below an acceptable threshold so you can react quickly.

Alerts can send you immediate alerts via text or email to notify you when someone unlocks the door. You’ll know who entered your home and when. Plus, using’s home automation solutions, you can have the doors lock whenever the security system is armed or unlock when the system is disarmed.

Locks’s solutions offer remote access and control of your door lock. Don’t leave a key under the mat anymore, now you can give out unique codes to whoever needs access or simply unlock the door right from your Smartphone anytime.

The integration of door locks with your security system lets you set up rules based on your security and control needs:

  • Set your security system to disarm automatically if the main door is unlocked between 5:30 pm and 8:30 pm on weekdays.
  • If you know when a guest or the contractor will be stopping by, set up unique door lock codes for them. You can have the security system disarm only if those specific codes are used to unlock a door.
  • For added peace of mind, lock one door and have that action trigger the rest of the door locks in your home to lock simultaneously.

* Note: Remote locking functionality varies by lock.

The end of key copies…

Stop leaving the key under the doormat. Use’s door lock security features to:

  • Set up unique user codes.
  • Know exactly who is accessing your property and when a visitor arrives and leaves.
  • Avoid giving out keys to all the people who are authorized to enter your property, like your dog walker, neighbor or babysitter.
  • Stop worrying about getting the keys back later.
  • Stop turning back to make sure the doors are locked.

Remote Control’s powerful interactive security platform gives you unprecedented control over your property. With easy-to-use apps and web interfaces, you can arm your system, monitor sensor activity, watch live video, and control lights and thermostats — all from a Smartphone or web enabled mobile device.

Interact and stay in touch mobile apps give you the control you should expect. Check in on your property while at work or on vacation, arm or disarm the system remotely from the office, get activity history, turn the lights on or off, adjust the thermostat, view live video and send commands to your security system right from the palm of your hand.

Make your security system your own’s online management tool gives you the control to customize your security system. Set up custom notifications, create personalized rules, add system users, create energy-saving thermostat schedules and set video specific recording triggers.

Set up your system online, download the app and you’re in control! keeps you aware

Unlike other security systems that only work if you remember to arm them and someone tries to break in, monitors the activity in your home all the time, even when the system is disarmed. Now, you can get alerts whenever something happens like when your front door opens, there is motion in the basement or the liquor cabinet is opened.