alarm system

The Future of residential home security and home management is NOW! And we have had great success offering safety and convenience in one easy to use, affordable package. This package will give you the minimum required to protect most homes against burglary and fire. It will allow you to be protected 24/7 by our central station and be eligible for a discount on your insurance.


We offer the latest and most advanced security and home management solutions in the industry. We are proud to use 2Gig Go!Control, the first all-in-one security and home management system. Through a partnership with, you can get our Interactive plan and control your system from your smartphone or the Internet, receive pop-up notifications that you can set up, and more.

Included: (1) Color touch-screen interface


  • Intuitive, user-friendly interface
  • Access when and where you need it
  • No big, ugly box in the basement or closet
  • Easy for anyone to use

Included: (1) Cellular radio module

  • The most reliable communication option available
  • No more concern with cut phone lines
  • No land lines required
  • Control it from your smartphone
  • Instant connection instead of dialing out = Quicker response
  • Total Home can make changes to settings remotely = Better service

Included: Built-in Z-Wave RF Protocol

  • Use same interface to control alarm, lights, thermostat, and door locks
  • Support already included = No need for extra hardware
  • Numerous money- and time-saving applications are currently being developed

Included: (1) 4-Button Key Ring Remote


  • Arms system in STAY or AWAY mode
  • Disarms system
  • Can use for panic, turn on lights, or other functions
  • Lithium coin battery with 5 years life
  • No need to pay for extra wall keypads/screens
  • Arm/disarm from bed or driveway

Included: (3) Thin Door/Window Contacts


  • Connected constantly to alarm panel
  • Lithium batteries with 5 years life
  • Very slim and attractive compared to other systems
  • Tamper protected

Included: (1) Passive Infrared Motion Detector


  • Dual element sensor with 30 ft. by 50 ft. range
  • Can set for 33 or 55 lb. pet immunity
  • Lithium battery with 5 years life
  • 110˚ spread with good range
  • Tamper protected

Included: (2) Heat/Smoke Detectors


  • Smoke, heat, and freeze detection
  • Self-contained sounder
  • Supervised transmitter and status LED
  • Easy to use testing mode

Peace of Mind, Starting at $950.00!