An Alarm System that Helps Parents Manage the Home

Imagine you are running errands and your 10-year-old is arriving home from school. It’s the first time you are leaving him alone for a few hours and he is supposed to call you when he arrives home. Instead, he heads straight to the video games with the headphones, so he doesn’t hear you call. You try not to panic, but you are only able to imagine the worst. In Your Home

Let’s try that scene again, but this time, you have the service in your home…

You are running errands and you are leaving your 10-year-old alone at home for the first time. He enters the house using his personal entry code and you are immediately notified with a Real-Time Alert text message that he has entered the house.

An alarm system that helps parents manage the home

Because of’s Smart Schedules, just before he arrives home, the temperature in your home goes down a few degrees because he is always hot after walking home from school. You check the app images taken with the Image Sensor to be sure it was your son who entered the house safely.

He heads to the video games, opens the drawer with the controllers which triggers a custom alert on your smartphone. He is supposed to be doing his homework and not playing video games. You send him a quick text message reminder and go about your business knowing that he is safe at home. You check on him periodically using the live streaming video monitoring.
Futuristic Home

This may all sound a bit futuristic, but it is all possible and very exciting. As a mom of 4 kids with varying schedules, I’m constantly coordinating who is where and verifying that they arrived safely at home. Having the ability to give each of my kids their own codes to enter the house and being able to check that they arrived safely is very comforting to me.’s system is much more than a security system, it will help you manage your home and save money by managing your energy consumption all from a mobile app. The more you use the system, the smarter it becomes. It will learn your schedule and adjust the temperature and turn lights on and off in your home accordingly. No need to have the air conditioning blasting when no one is home, but you would like it to be cool when you arrive home.

Here are more of’s features that will benefit your family:

Dedicated Cellular Connection

This is what will keep your system running even when your phone line, cable and/or Internet go down. No worries about the phone line being cut and losing your security system.

Video Monitoring/Video Motion Capture

You can set up video monitoring either inside or outside your home. If your kids are outside playing in the backyard and you are working in your home office, you can be watching a live stream to be sure they are safe. If someone approaches your front door, the video motion capture will capture and save those moments for you to check from your mobile app.

Severe Weather Alerts/Power Outages

You can receive severe weather alerts and/or power outage alerts. You will know if there is weather danger brewing close by even if your power is out and you can’t monitor the weather on TV. You will also receive an alert when the power goes back on saving you from driving by your home several times a day checking on the power.


This is a feature that I know most families will love. We’ve all left the house on that big family vacation and an hour later, you wonder if you locked the door or set the alarm. With Geo-Services, when you are gone from your home and you forget to arm the system or lock a door, you can set up an alert and remotely arm the system or lock the door.

Remotely Control Your Home

From the mobile app or the web, you can check the system, adjust the thermostat, lock/unlock doors, arm the system, turn on/off lights or watch a live video feed from your home.


The rules are what make the whole system work for you. You can set up a rule to send you an alert on Wednesdays at 9am when your cleaning service uses their personal entry code and then again when they lock the doors when they leave.

The customized triggers is my favorite feature because I have used systems where you get an alert for every action and after a few days, you ignore the alerts and they become useless. This system allows you to set up the triggers so you will get the alerts that really matter to you.

Two-Way Voice

If there is an emergency, you can have a two-way conversation using the security panel. This is very comforting to know that you have an alternate form of communication should the phones or power go out.

As a mom, being able to automate and secure my home along with managing our energy consumption from my mobile phone is really exciting. We have so much to worry and think about and the system gives us the tools help manage our homes.