Benefits of a Wireless Security & Monitoring System for Your Business

Are you concerned about the crime rate in the area of your business or a recent break-in nearby? Do you want to protect your business investments and create a better sense of security? Business owners have a natural concern for their employees’ and customers’ wellbeing. That’s why many of them are choosing to install a wireless burglar alarm on company property.

With such a bewildering range of options, though, how do you begin to narrow down the selection? As you sort through the ins and outs of wireless security and monitoring systems for commercial applications, consider the benefits of a wireless burglar alarm compared to a hardwired system.

Ease of Installation

Wireless alarm systems use radio waves to transmit information from motion-sensing cameras to a central control panel. These signals are capable of passing through walls, ceilings and floors to a control panel installed hundreds of feet away. It’s easy to imagine the painful process of installing a hardwired system without this benefit, not to mention the messy appearance upon completion if you want to avoid opening up the walls.
In addition to transmitting information wirelessly, this type of system operates on battery power. That means you can install cameras anywhere you want, whether there’s a power source nearby or not. Battery power is the ideal solution for historic locations where opening up the walls to run wires through is not an option.

Lower Cost

Since installation is easier and less time consuming, professional installation of wireless security systems typically costs far less than hardwired systems.

Excellent Security

The most advanced wireless burglar alarms use two-way technology to enable wireless keypads, sirens and handheld devices to accompany your system. Wireless keypads require pass codes to enter the building and sirens alert you to any misconduct. These devices also work seamlessly with wireless smoke detectors, motion sensors, door and window contacts, and glass-break detectors, thus offering greater protection for your business. In addition, handheld devices allow you to verify whether the system is armed or disarmed from a nearby remote location.

Tamper Resistant

Skilled burglars know how to disarm hardwired systems by cutting the right wires. However, sabotaging a wireless security system requires them to painstakingly disarm each individual camera, which is more time-consuming and difficult. The discovery that you have a wireless system installed often turns criminals away before they do any tampering at all.

Then, there’s the issue of power outages. Whether it’s caused by a burglar sabotaging your electrical system on purpose to shut off your cameras, or a natural power outage, a wireless burglar alarm system running on battery power is not affected by a blackout.

Easy Troubleshooting

Wireless systems also make troubleshooting easier, since many are capable of alerting an alarm technician to which device is malfunctioning. They also provide “low battery” alerts so you’re never left without security when you need it most.


If your business ever relocates, it’s easy to transport your wireless burglar alarm system with you. There are no wires to dig out of the walls and no difficult setup to anticipate at the new location.

In the end, a wireless burglar alarm offers the same peace of mind provided by a hardwired system with the above added benefits. To learn more about professional business security services and having a wireless burglar alarm installed on your premises, download our free guide for business owners, “How to Keep Your Business Safe: Small Business Security Options for 2013.”