audio-video features

clean, organized wiring

You see there was a time a couple of decades back, when if someone needed electrical work done on their home, they simply called in an electrician who ran the wires… Switches and plugs, receptacles, etc. As time went on, people began to add more and more components to their homes. Cables for computer networks, […]

stream internet radio and itunes

You can stream internet radio and music from your devices or media server over your whole house!

party mode

When you want to entertain, you can put your multi-room audio system into Party Mode too! You can broadcast music or the game throughout the house so everyone can enjoy.

the great outdoors

Everyone loves those cool summer evenings on the back deck with the grill going and your friends and loved ones all together, or relaxing by the pool on a hot day. One of the greatest ways to make your home more enjoyable for entertaining is to install an outdoor music system. There are so many […]


When it’s all about convenience, or you have a problem or disability to overcome, Total Home can design a custom Intercom system to make life simpler. It is so neat to be able to talk to the person at the door from wherever you are in the house. One of our family customers with a […]

any source anywhere

We blend the sounds you enjoy with the life you live – beautiful music, important news, the weather, traffic, even talk-radio, in every room of your home. To hear conventional cabinet speakers you must stay in front of them, confined to the room where they are. In-wall and in-ceiling speakers allow you to listen to […]

blu-ray, netflix, and game inputs

We choose high quality Smart Blu-Ray players that can incorporate your streaming media such as NetFlix, Hulu, Pandora, and YouTube into your system. We also as part of our installation techniques always provide a convenient location to plug in video games, iPods, and computers so that no one has to go into the equipment or […]

lighting controls

We can replace light switches with dimmers and controls that not only allow you to set your own scenes and lighting levels and have impressive fade-in and fade-out effects, but they can be controlled by our universal remotes without the need for any other equipment. Lighting control dimmers are the easiest and most enjoyable way […]

furniture and seating

We carry a variety of specialized Audio/Video furniture that is Made in the USA. This means a high-quality, hand-crafted piece that will stand the test of time, look great, and have modern features that allow it to be perfect for storing, protecting, and hiding or displaying your equipment. With electronics equipment there are concerns for […]

projector and screen

For larger, dedicated movie theater rooms, we recommend using a ceiling-mounted projector and a screen. Screens are made our of special material that reflects the projector light to give the greatest performance. Screens can be available in acoustically transparent material too, which allows speakers to be hidden behind them and sound correctly. Projectors are commonly […]


Usually a box with a larger speaker driver located out of the way or in the front stage of a home theater, the subwoofer is what packs the boom to round out the range of frequencies that you hear. This is part of the source material that most people miss out on when they don’t […]

speakers: on-wall

Speakers: On-wall / Free-Standing For those who don’t want to cut through the walls, we have the ability to mount a variety of surround sound speakers on walls or incorporate them into furniture. For music listeners we recommend a good pair of tower stereo speakers (“mains”) in addition to “satellite” or surround speakers. Speakers: In-Wall […]

speakers: in-wall/in-ceiling

Also known as Architectural Speakers, you can have all of your speakers mounted flush in your walls and ceilings for stealth and aesthetics and have them tuned exactly for the room that they are playing into. These are also very useful for use in Multi-Room Audio systems that broadcast music or sports throughout a home […]

audio/video receiver

audio/video receiver

The AVR is the centerpiece of your home theater experience. This is where all of your equipment connects. It is the switcher between your cable box, Blu-Ray player, video game, and iPod. It outputs to your TV and your speakers. It amplifies and processes the material to present to you.

custom remote control

We use the latest universal remote technology to incorporate all of the functions that you need for all of your devices in one single remote control. We create custom programs and buttons in your remote that are tailored to what you do and make controlling your equipment easy enough that you can hand your remote […]

flat panel tv and mounts

For up to 70″ screens, we recommend LCD screens that are backlit by LED technology. These TVs offer the greatest brightness and color, even in locations that have light from windows or other rooms. We are able to mount TVs virtually anywhere, and route the connections through the wall so that the TV appears to […]