Composite patio renovation and expansion with new 5.1 theater in Phoenixville!

Composite patio renovation and expansion with new 5.1 theater in Phoenixville!

Check out the new pics of the patio on this existing customer!     Many thanks for your returning business! What a beautiful place to relax.

Clean and refined bedroom TV Wallmount

Clean and refined bedroom TV Wallmount

We ran the cables through the wall and mounted the TV on the bedroom wall in this beautiful sunny Devon townhome.   Thank you very much!  

Quick and Easy TV Wallmount

Quick and Easy TV Wallmount

We love the clean, refined look of a TV just sitting on the wall with no cables in sight. This customer is working on updating their basement with a clean, affordable look. We had a hard time walking away from this beautiful 4K picture, especially after they put the Eagles game on!!! Thank you very much […]

Patio sound system rocks the whole yard!

Patio sound system rocks the whole yard!

Today I received the highest award you can get as a custom audio/video integrator. We installed an outdoor audio system that you control from an app. When my customer handed her phone over to her young sons, they found their favorite song in their mom’s phone, cranked it up and you should have seen those smiles. They […]

20+ year old Bose Wholehouse Audio system upgrade

This customer had a very old BOSE Wholehouse multi-room audio system which was not working. We were able to perform one-off custom repairs of the equipment as well as adding a newer touchscreen control interface and new Bluetooth source capability. All brackets and cosmetic mounting plates were fabricated custom.

Home Theater Rewire and Multi-Zone Audio/Video in Phoenixville

This customer had an existing 7.1 channel home theater in their living room, and they wanted it cleaned up and upgraded. They also wanted to add music and video to their back patio and also watch TV in the kitchen. They wanted to be able to play DVDs from the house to any of the […]

East Goshen Fireplace Makeover with Flat Panel

This was a very pleasing way to enhance the lifestyle of one of our favorite contractor’s clients. They wanted a modern remodel of their fireplace, as well as a nicer way to enjoy their favorite Netflix classics. They wanted to hide their equipment as part of the clean new look, so they chose one of […]

9.2 Channel In-Wall Surround Dedicated Projector and Screen

This customer wanted a dedicated projection home theater in their finished basement. They also want to listen to a lot of music for parties and chose a pair of main tower speakers for the front channels. All of the speakers are in-wall and in-ceiling. The projector and all equipment are 3D capable. Features: Structured Wiring […]

9.2 Theater w/ On-wall Speakers, Full Lighting/Automation and BUTT KICKERS!

This customer wanted to build his family a fun and enjoyable home theater that is really easy to use, and provides an even better experience than you would get by going to a movie theater. During the Project… After we were able to determine the vision of the project from a few discussions with the […]

Multi-Room A/V Revamp!

This customer had a programmable remote system installed as well as a basic home theater and wanted to expand the system to include TV and music outside on the patio/pool area. And we replaced his 4-remote-control home theater with ONE custom programmed remote. Features: – Replaced A/V receiver with a Multi-Zone receiver that has more […]

Home Theater Upgrade with Bonus Features

This customer originally had a very nice home theater installed several years ago along with a Whole House Audio system. They contacted us because there were several issues and the Home Theater itself was not working at all. We ended up replacing quite a bit of the equipment and upgraded the setup considerably in the […]

Residential 6-zone Whole House Audio and Intercom Systems

This client wanted to hear their music throughout the house. Picture coming home, taking your iPod out and sticking it in the wall in the kitchen, and then going into your bedroom and playing the music from your iPod in the other room. Then you go in the living room and play it in there […]

Living Room 55″ TV over Fireplace

Bedroom Wall-Mount TV and Wiring

This customer wanted a TV in the master bedroom with no wiring showing, and the equipment nicely arranged in the furniture. It was not easy getting the cables through the very old construction of the walls, but we got it done right.

7.1 Channel In-Wall Surround Media Room

This media room was designed to keep the layout and existing furniture and decoration the same while packing an amazing sound. Features: Custom Designed In-wall Dual Subwoofer and Amplifier Enclosure to save space. Flat Panel LCD TV Wall-Mounted over fireplace with front channel in-wall speakers mounted behind curtains. Furniture modified to accept A/V equipment.