control access

Open Says Me!

Using door and window locks on your home to keep out unwanted intruders is a time-honored practice. Electronic Home Integration adds important new features, allowing access control to be tailored to your household’s specific needs. This technology could become an indispensable part of your everyday lifestyle. Wireless door locks, which can be monitored and controlled via the internet, can also be used to limit access to sensitive areas, including medicine cabinets, jewelry cases, liquor cabinets and wine cellars, and firearm closets. Keeping unauthorized people from gaining access to these areas deters theft and keeps people safe. Adding network-based control makes it convenient. Products now available make interacting with these devices easy — from anywhere in the world. Combining them with surveillance cameras make them even more powerful.

Here are some everyday applications:

• Let the housecleaner in—from your workplace.
• Receive an alert if your aging parent leaves home after 8:00 pm.
• Check to make sure that you’ve locked all the doors at home — from your vacation spot.
• Let your sister borrow mom’s necklace from your safe, while you’re away from home.
For advanced applications, unique access codes can be used along with event recorders, so you can keep track who gained access and when. Access control keeps your family safe and your personal property secure. It keeps you informed if someone goes where they should not go. And, when combined with surveillance cameras and intrusion control, it provides complete home protection — so you can rest easy while away.

Control Access to:
• Medications
• Liquor Cabinet
• Wine Cellar
• Firearms
• Machinery
• Pool Gate
• Cupcakes!