day-night hd cameras

Day/night cameras

These compensate for varying light conditions to allow the camera to capture images. These are primarily used in outdoor applications where the security camera is positioned for an outdoor parking lot, for example. In many cases, units are dubbed as having a wide dynamic range to function in glare, direct sunlight, reflections and strong backlight 24/7. Most of the cameras we install are Color Day/Night, which means Color when there is light, and black and white clear images even in pitch blackness.

Dome cameras

Domes get their name from the dome-shaped housing in which they sit. These housings are designed to make the cameras unobtrusive… not covert or hidden. Typical applications are retail, where the camera is designed to be unobtrusive, but visible. These units serve a dual purpose: “bad guys” will know the property is being watched and your family or your patrons will feel at ease knowing the property is being protected.

Camera lenses

Varifocal lens cameras allow the installer to use the same camera to cover different needs. We try to always use varifocal lens cameras in our installations so that we can tweak the view of the camera to the exact needs of the customer as far as the range, detail, and angle needed for the most effective protection and view.