The Denon AVR series are home theater receivers designed for home theaters with a strong digital makeup. They allow tons of customization and they are flexible in a variety of installation scenarios. We use


Do you have a Blu-ray player? Then you need a home theater receiver. Home theaters have been an essential part of homes for the last 10 years. From 5.1 to 9.3 channels, a home theater can offer everything from a movie theater, to an audio sanctuary, to an arcade, to even an internet connected office with video conferencing capabilities. However, before any of that is to occur, you need the brains of a system, and the receiver is the mind of a home theater.

The onscreen display is very nice. Everything is laid out where you would expect it to be, and you can rename sources, hide sources, assign inputs, adjust lip sync etc… with ease. The volume display is an overlay on the screen through HDMI, and with the press of the info button, you can see a quick overview of things like volume, current input, incoming signal type, outgoing speaker layout to play that signal, and current sound mode. The front panel display can be dimmed or turned off completely. If you do turn it off, it will comeback on for a few seconds when you change sources or sound modes, then it goes out again.


The end result of having a professional install and calibrate your home theater is something that has to be heard. The biggest improvements are in the bass and the entire sound field envelopment. If you are new to surround sound, the first thing you will ask yourself is “Where did my bass go?” This is because you are used to hearing a subwoofer that is A) running too hot, and B) bloated with a 50-70hz room hump. Once you get over that, you will start to hear “layers” of bass that you have NEVER heard before in your room. We set up home theaters according to training from the best audiophiles in the business and using the most advanced tools available.

They even have a Denon app for that!

Yes, you can fully control your receiver using your iPhone. The first thing you are going to want to do with the app is adjust the shortcuts. Hold down the input area, and a scroll menu comes up for you to choose each of the 8 shortcuts you prefer to have access to.

Do you have a NAS or a media library in your home? Do you have an Xbox or PS3? Go ahead and check the devices tab and you will notice that the Xbox 360 is labeled there. (The PS3 can be added but you have to manually enter the IP address of the PS3.) You can then access your NAS or media library from your phone when you are at home. All thanks to your new Denon receiver.