You will be prompted to answer some questions about how you feel about technology in the home. Then you will receive a score and suggestions for how to meet your needs. It's that easy! You can always call us for personalized advice, but we wanted you to be able to assess your own opinions and explore first!

First, some quick information about you:

In winter, we keep our home warmer than we should.

When away, I’d like to oversee my home electronically.

To save money, I’d invest in lighting control.

We don’t feel as safe in our home as we’d like.

Sensitive areas in our home (liquor, firearms) need protecting.

I’d love an automated home that responds to my needs.

I’d buy technologies that make home entertaining more fun.

My home is vulnerable to extreme weather or flooding.

Using electronics to protect valuables is smart.

Remote controlled door locks are a good idea.

I’d like cameras to monitor things at home.

We should all work to reduce our carbon footprint.

Controlling my home from a smart phone would be great.

We often overdo it with summer air conditioning.

I worry about someone breaking into my home.

We should all cut back to reduce dependence on oil.

I’d like a camera that shows who’s at the front door.

Our home electronic gear needs to be easier to use.

Comfort and convenience are top priorities for me.

We often enjoy open flames (fireplace, candles) at home.