9.2 Theater w/ On-wall Speakers, Full Lighting/Automation and BUTT KICKERS!

This customer wanted to build his family a fun and enjoyable home theater that is really easy to use, and provides an even better experience than you would get by going to a movie theater.

During the Project…

After we were able to determine the vision of the project from a few discussions with the client, we put some packages together that we designed to meet his exact needs. Once he chose what he wanted, we were able to assist the carpenter and electrician with the requirements and design.

The Finished Project

Stay tuned for some videos of this theater in action! Especially with the remote-controlled lighting, one-button Blu-ray, one-button Netflix, and one-button Internet Radio with Pandora! We also programmed an Intermission button which would pause whatever you were watching and bring up the lights. Another press of Intermission would bring the lights back down and resume where you left off. Great feature! All possible with Total Home Media Design custom programming.