furniture and seating

We carry a variety of specialized Audio/Video furniture that is Made in the USA. This means a high-quality, hand-crafted piece that will stand the test of time, look great, and have modern features that allow it to be perfect for storing, protecting, and hiding or displaying your equipment. With electronics equipment there are concerns for cable management, cooling, remote control access, service access, and sometimes security. These concerns are addressed by the correct furniture selection.

We offer a variety of seating options for enjoying your media room or home theater. We can construct riser rows for unobstructed views for the whole family and their guests. We can order a variety of materials and features, from the leather motorized recliners with cupholders and LED ambient lighting, to sectional sofas, to Ottomans that double as storage or a quick jump seat for an extra friend!

One of the most exciting things we can do with your furniture is to install special shakers in the seats themselves that can vibrate the furniture along with the bass / subwoofer, for the most realistic cinema experience. This has been called various things, such as 4-D, but we prefer to just call it what it is: Butt Kicker!