Home Theater Upgrade with Bonus Features

This customer originally had a very nice home theater installed several years ago along with a Whole House Audio system. They contacted us because there were several issues and the Home Theater itself was not working at all. We ended up replacing quite a bit of the equipment and upgraded the setup considerably in the process.

– New A/V Receiver which controls all audio and video switching
– All components connected with digital cabling – removing 75% of existing cabling
– Integrated Google ChromeCast for easy audio/video streaming
– Whole House Audio now can use CD changer or Cable Box as a source
– Cleaned up entire equipment rack
– Replaced heavy tabletop controller with sleek OLED rechargeable wand remote programmed just for the customer.
– Protected the installation with a home theater quality power conditioner
– Automated the motorized directional front speakers to move in and out when receiver is powered on and off.