home theater

We have found a way to allow everyone to enjoy the experience of having a home theater without spending tens of thousands of dollars. For many years, having a professionally installed home theater was out of reach for the average homeowners. Until now.

While no two projects are ever the same, we have had great success using this equipment, and upgraded versions of it, for many customers.

Included: (1) Power Conditioner


  • Protect your investment against power surges and sags
  • Provide clean power to equipment so it lasts longer
  • You can know if there are power issues in the home
  • Clean power to amplifier = better sounding home theater

Included: (1) Audio/Video Receiver


  • Clean looks
  • Plenty of power and amazing sound
  • Many configuration possibilities to add as your needs grow
  • Regular software updates to give you the latest technology without paying more
  • All of the digital surround formats are supported
  • Supports many internet services such as Pandora, Internet Ratio, Spotify, and AirPlay
  • Can play media from your media servers

Included: (5) On-Wall Surround Speakers


  • Clean, modern look in a compact form
  • Great sound to envelop you in the action

Included: (1) Subwoofer


  • Feel the action and excitement
  • Hear the full range of sound for a full experience

The Home Cinema Experience, Starting at $2850!