It’s Almost Unbelievable What a Home Security Camera Caught a US Postal Worker Doing

One of the benefits of Mark Anderson’s home security camera feed was that he could check to see if a package he had been waiting for was delivered while he was at work. It was delivered all right, but just how it was dropped off had the LaGrange, Ga., man flabbergasted.

Anderson told TheBlaze Friday he installed the security cameras more to keep an eye on his disabled mother while the family was away during the day, rather than actual security issues (he has four Great Danes that he said good security assurance for that).

Once back at his desk at work this week after a meeting, wanting to see if he received the package, he took at look at his private YouTube feed with his front door camera footage.

The USPS truck drives up the home’s front walkway to deliver a package.

“I saw a thumbnail image of the post truck and said ‘what the,’” Anderson said.


Image Courtesy: YouTube Screenshot

The package was two pounds, three ounces, according to Anderson, who also said “there was no meteorological” reason that should have dissuaded the U.S. Postal Service mail carrier from walking from the street to the home with the delivery.

Anderson said the package weighed less than three pounds.

After seeing the video, in his disbelief, Anderson shared it with 10 people. One of these people posted it on Reddit and it snowballed from there.

Some on the Reddit thread claiming to have knowledge of USPS rules are pointing out several violations in addition to the obvious driving on the lawn, like leaving the truck on when she exited and backing up. Anderson said in speaking with a friend who works for the post office, they said “oh no no no no no,” after seeing his video.

Anderson said he’d like something to be done about the USPS worker’s actions, like a reprimand, but he doesn’t want her terminated by any means.

“I don’t want someone to lose their job with the way things are these days, but she shouldn’t have done that,” Anderson said. “Whatever it is that happens, I hope she isn’t terminated.”