top products

Here we showcase some of the features of our favorite brands and equipment. These products have proven successful and reliable in a number of our projects. You can also find some of the other product lines that we have available to use with you.

Why do we recommend certain products?

We spend a great deal of time each week digesting newsletters, announcements, trade magazines, webinar training, and a ton of other industry news and discussing it with one another, our distributors, and even our competitors. We have sales reps that answer our questions about their products and why they work well in your project.

How do we know what you need?

When we first meet, we will be asking questions so we can find out what you want to do. There are a lot of choices, and a lot of things that you can have that you may not know is possible. We are there to explain these options and find out what would really be good for you.

Then what?

We take all of this and design a system that serves your needs that is made up of stuff that works well together. There are a variety of speakers, iPod solutions, and remote controls which can’t be found in the stores or even on popular web sites. There are a handful of vendors we decided to include in our repertoire because they have performed so brilliantly for our clients project after project. If you have a need, we make a solution.

If you have a preference for a specific brand or style, no problem. We are, after all, a service company. We have great relationships with several national distributors that give us access to a wide variety of products. Even within brands, we have access to “custom-only” models that are higher quality (they will last longer and do things that shelf models won’t.) That said, we’ll be surprised if you’re not impressed with the solutions we recommend.