Multi-Room A/V Revamp!

This customer had a programmable remote system installed as well as a basic home theater and wanted to expand the system to include TV and music outside on the patio/pool area. And we replaced his 4-remote-control home theater with ONE custom programmed remote.


– Replaced A/V receiver with a Multi-Zone receiver that has more power, Internet Radio, and Apple AirPlay support.
– Control Zone 2 (Outdoor Zone) independent of the main (Home Theater) zone.
– Share cable box between outdoor zone and gym.
– All equipment protected and organized together in furniture in basement.
– 3 custom programmed remotes designed for the use of the family in each room – no more pile of remotes!
– No More Pointing – the remotes automatically work throughout the house to control the equipment.
– Calibrated the Home Theater with special microphone and software that adjusts parameters to the room itself.