Office Revamp for Plumbing Office

This customer was using a software platform on 10+ year old computers and needed to upgrade.

We replaced 3 office workstation PCs and repurposed one that was usable by upgrading it to Windows 8.1.

We installed a dedicated tower server machine and UPS battery backup. This will serve the CRM software that they use for work orders and invoicing to the workstations and also will add the capability for the technicians and employees to receive updates and work orders and customer information via smart phone over the internet!

Also there was a very old network hub that was crippling the network speed. We replaced the hub with a new Gigabit speed switch and re-tipped some network cables that looked untrustworthy.

This customer is very happy with the speed and reliability of his new network. They also have been reporting that the technicians are very happy with the new capabilities on their tablets and phones.