Everyone has their favorite TV brand or the one they think looks the best. While we are happy to work with that, we are engineers and we recommend products based on three things:

Knowledge (hours and hours of research, reading and comparing specs, taking things apart and looking in them, looking at schematics)

Training (support from our distributors and manufacturers, webinars, industry workshops)

Experience (what our customers love, what we enjoy installing, and what we never have to worry about servicing)

Sharp televisions have been recognized as one of the top quality that you can get. We have had nothing but great experiences, awesome performance, easy support, and top-notch feedback from customers on Sharp equipment.


There will be no numbers in this article. Some of the things that help us recommend Sharp, in plain English:

  • The circuits that make the colors on the screen are more accurate.
  • They work well with the other equipment that we use, like our custom remote controls and home theater receivers.
  • Their engineers thought ahead and put the ports and the components in good locations that make it easy to work with.