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Because vision is the most powerful way to gain information about the world about us, surveillance cameras can add a great deal of important data to any electronic integration. Used intelligently, surveillance cameras can dramatically increase your peace of mind, deter crime, and keep track of your home or business when you’re not there to oversee things. Used inappropriately, they can intrude on privacy and/or give a false sense of security. Experts in home surveillance can help you find the balance that is right for you.

Consider adding surveillance cameras as a part of a home security system. They can do an amazing amount of very important work for relatively little cost:

• Show you who’s at the front door, BEFORE you open it.
• Capture images of suspicious people loitering near your home.
• See which friends you daughter brings home with her after school.
• Check up on the new dog you adopted.
• Oversee the new babysitter.
• Make sure your Dad’s OK.
• Provide material evidence to prosecute a criminal that harmed you in some way.

Peace of mind to know you can check up on:

• Front Door
• Back Yard
• Children
• Teens
• Pets
• Childcare
• Hired Help / Employees / Lawn Service
• Elders
• Important projects

Features available in this technology category are evolving rapidly. Current choices include:
• Internet protocol cameras (wired or wireless) that can send images directly to a computer, and even via the internet to your phone or tablet anywhere you are.
• Cameras which capture high definition images.