Your trusted advisors

A successful technology project requires much more than the choice of new products.


During our first visit we will:

  • Give you options to choose from, according to what you want to be able to do with your technology.
  • Save you thousands of dollars on time, equipment and labor for your new system or upgrade.
  • Make your equipment do what you want it to do and be EASY TO USE!
  • Save you many hours of frustration as you conceive your project, define your budget, and discover new options for bringing your new entertainment experience to life.
  • Protect your dollars by installing with the future in mind.


We don’t throw specs and features at you. We listen… Then we work on making technology work easily for you. For example…



Is this a primary home or a get-away? Who will watch and listen? How do you like to entertain? Any vision or hearing problems or other special needs?


Want great home theater without dedicating a room? We’ll show you ways to hide the display and speakers—in a cabinet, behind artwork, or recessed in a wall.


Looking for total automation, basic solutions, or something in between? Whatever you prefer, we’ll create a control system that tames the technology and is easy to use.


Total Home has products and solutions to fit any budget. Our knowledge and experience allows us to carefully match products to your needs and deliver the best value for your money.


Physical limits can constrain the solution options. We’ll find wiring pathways, mounting methods, equipment locations, or special equipment to solve these problems.


We work diligently to identify important trends in our rapidly evolving industry—and to reject empty fads. We’ll use this expertise to help future-proof your investment.

It’s critical to become knowledgeable about installation / cabling issues and how your technology upgrade impacts your lifestyle. Call us today to have us come out and help you!