VIDEOS: Basic Network Training Brought to you by SnapAV

What’s Your Networking IQ?

Apple TVs, Smart TVs, Smart Blu-Rays, Firmware updates, software-based alarm panels, Internet Radio receivers, IP cameras, DVRs, NVRs, IP-controlled power products… these days there’s an IP-enabled widget for just about everything – heck, even thermostats and smoke detectors are connected! Which means it’s nearly impossible to do an install without getting involved in your network – and adding a bunch of complexity in the process.

SnapAV is a manufacturer and distributor of Audio/Video and security products. They only sell to custom installers and their products are backed by CEPro Award-Winning customer service.

Here are some basic videos that teach the basics of what a network is. Your network is the backbone for your audio/video and other systems as well as your internet connections.

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