we know security

We are security professionals, as you could tell by the alarm systems and security camera projects. We have been involved with computer security since our very first computers in the 1980s. We take regular training that ensures we are up-to-date with all of the latest threats and how to protect and defend you and your information from attack.

Through our extensive testing and experience we are able to offer you peace of mind that you are protected from harm.

Benefits of Encryption

Encryption is scrambling your information and files so that they cannot be read unless the reader has the key. It’s like a treasure chest that only you can open, with all of your data inside.

Why should you encrypt your data? There are several compelling reasons that encryption should be considered an essential requirement in today’s data sensitive business climate:

Peace of mind

Should your computer get lost or stolen, you will have the peace of mind knowing that your data is totally secure and unreadable and protected against unauthorised access.

Identity Theft Prevention

Identity theft remains one of the highest priorities for fraudsters today. Encrypting your data ensures that your identity is protected in the event that it is lost or stolen. The 2003 survey from the Identity Theft Resource Center found that:

Only 15% of victims find out about the theft through proactive action taken by a business.
The average time spent by victims resolving the problem is about 330 hours.
73% of respondents indicated the crime involved the thief acquiring a credit card.
The emotional impact is similar to that of victims of violent crimes.

Safe Decommissioning of Computer

When the computer reaches its end of life or is replaced, it will either be disposed of or repurposed.

When this happens, unless specific action is taken, your data is usually retrieveable from these decommissioned computers, even if the hard disk has been reformatted and restored to factory defaults! However, when you decommission an encrypted computer, you automatically have this base covered, as encrypted data is undistinguishable from random data, simply reformatting (blanking) or reinstalling windows on the computer will ensure the previous data is totally unrecoverable from the surface of the disk!

Unauthorised Access Protection

Keep your data confidential and away from prying eyes while the computer is still within your ownership – the pre-boot password authentication that whole disk encryption provides is the most robust method known of protecting your data from unauthorised access.

Compliance with Data Protection Acts

Using whole disk encryption is recommended by the Data Protection Commissioner and shows that you have taken action to be compliant with the Data Protection Acts 1988 and 2003 in Ireland. For more detailed, see our article the on Data Protection Act Compliance.