who are we?

We are engineers and have been designing and installing security, audio/video, networks, and computer systems most of our lives, excited to master each new technology. This is not only our profession, but our personal passion. True technophiles, we design and install to exacting specifications.

We have been working together for a long time and look forward to passing our teamwork on to you!

Who Are Our Customers?


Builders and Contractors

We offer our quick and easy estimating so you can add us into your bids quickly and easily, and we are known for working well with our fellow tradespeople. I note, we provide service to the customers long after the project is complete.

Insurance Agents

We offer our insurance agent partners the same flat rate pricing up front so you can add us into your coverage proposals quickly and easily, in order to save your clients money on their policy.

Real Estate Agents and Property Managers

We offer our real estate partners full service in getting their buyers set up with homeowners or business insurance, updating and activating an existing security system to save on their insurance policy, and modern technology upgrades such as speakers, networks, and home theaters so they can enjoy all of today’s technology.

Business Owners

As integration specialists, we install systems that are easy to use, affordable to install, and provide business owners with a simple way to protect their investment. We believe in supporting our fellow entrepreneurs by offering customized, personalized solutions to meet your needs exactly, while preserving your cash flow for growing your business.


One of the things our customers care about most is that we help you make an informed decision about your own needs and your vision of what you want from your technology. We do all of the training and research and boil it all down for you in English. Our knowledge, training, and experience is included in every conversation we have with you, every system we install, every device that we fix for you.

Who Are We?


Justin Cunningham

Justin is a network systems engineer with experience in designing security and surveillance systems, computers and networks for both home and business. He holds Certificates in Computer Science, Networking and Information Systems, and is CompTIA A+ Lifetime Certified for Computer Service. He has been awarded certificates for various manufacturer training modules and regularly earns Continuing Education credits online.

Justin specializes in Security System Service and Installation; Network Design, Installation and Troubleshooting; Home Theater Installation; and PC/Apple Computer Security and Maintenance.

For more information about Justin, find him on LinkedIn: 

For more information about Justin’s A+ Certification, check out the CompTIA website: aPlus Logo


Michael Cichetti

Michael is an award-winning electro-mechanical engineer who holds a number of patents in his name for electrical motor designs and has been awarded honorary degrees in Electrical Engineering. A life-long audiophile and technology geek, he also designs and builds computers. Mike has been designing, evaluating, and installing audio/video products for many years.

Custom home theater design, speakers, lighting, and cabling are his specialties.

For more information about Michael, find him on LinkedIn: