wireless sensors


Door/Window Contact

Detects opening of doors and windows. Small, compact, thin design allows this sensor to vanish into the decor. Can be installed without drilling and damaging your doors, windows, and trim.

Motion Sensor

Passive Infrared technology allows for accurate detection of large heat objects (humans) even in complete darkness.

Glass Break Detector

Senses the sound of glass breaking and immediately triggers an alert for conventional or tempered glass.

Smoke/Heat Alarm

Detects smoke and/or heat and immediately triggers a fire alarm to the central station whether the alarm system is armed or not. Even with existing hard-wired smoke alarms, we recommend that our clients at least have one smoke alarm on each floor that is monitored by a central station. This allows for the fastest emergency response even if no one is on the property at the time, reducing damage. Therefore, insurance carriers are willing to consider these devices as quite valuable when calculating premiums.

Carbon Monoxide Detector

We recommend these near any combustible appliances, usually oil/gas water heaters and furnaces. Some customers also prefer them near gas ranges in the kitchen.

Panic Button Remote

Allows a disabled or injured person to press a button and immediately signal the central station for medical assistance. Can also be used for police instance to combat stalking, holdup, duress or harassment on the property.

Home Automation


Control HVAC systems from the alarm system, and anywhere else, using our mobile Interactive plans. You can view and set the temperature of your home or business from the mobile app, and set up rules and triggers that allow it to control based on events of your choosing.


Control lighting from the mobile device. Set rules to automatically turn off the lights when you arm in Night/Stay at home mode, or have lamps turn on and off at certain times to keep burglars away.


Automatically trigger an event when the doorbell is pushed. Commonly used along with the Image Sensor and/or Lighting Controls. You can have the alarm system turn on the porch light and email you a photo of who’s at the door when the doorbell is pushed.

Garage Door Receiver

Commonly used with the Keyfob, you can integrate your garage door opener with your alarm system to monitor its opened/closed status from afar using the mobile app, and you can set it up so that your alarm keyfob also controls the garage door for easy entry and exit to your secured home.


Image Sensor

An infrared motion sensor with an infrared camera, this allows the taking of still photos in day or night that can be used in triggering events such as a doorbell ring, upon request by you using your mobile app, or when an alarm is triggered in order to gather evidence.


We carry a variety of indoor and outdoor wireless cameras that incorporate with your Interactive alarm (or not). We can offer a simple camera that you can view from anywhere whether you have an alarm system or not.