Your Home on Home Automation

your home on home automation

Are you interested in home automation but feel unsure how it could benefit you? Countless options for customizing a home automation system makes it perfect for just about everyone. Here are some types of people that we have encountered:

The Travelers

Jerry and his wife, Ruth, travel across the country to see their grandkids several times a year. They used to worry about their home in their absence, but with home automation, their vacations are now stress free. From their smartphones, Jerry and Ruth receive information about:

  • The temperature. They set the thermostat to “vacation” mode, but if something goes wrong with the heating and cooling equipment, Jerry and Ruth know. They receive text messages or email notifications telling them if the temperature rises or drops beyond where it should. Then, they can call their neighbor to check it out for them.
  • Water leaks. The last thing Jerry and Ruth need is a burst pipe that causes a flooded basement. With instant notifications about leaks, they can call a plumber to take care of it before the problem worsens in the days they’re out of town.
  • Locks. To allow their neighbor or the plumber to enter their home, Jerry and Ruth can remotely unlock the front door from hundreds of miles away.
  • Intruder alerts. This couple knows immediately if a breach in security occurs, since door and window sensors detect intruders and send notifications to Jerry and Ruth’s smartphones.


The Parent

Janice is a single mother with a busy work schedule. Her teenage sons are home by 3 p.m., but Janice often gets home well after 10 p.m. She wants to know what her kids do all afternoon, so she uses the following elements of home automation to stay in the loop with:

  • Nanny cams. Home security cameras turn into nanny cams so Janice can keep an eye on her kids from work.
  • Entry alerts. The automated front door locks let Janice know when her kids arrive home from school and alert her if they leave again.
  • Entertainment system automation. Janice insists on no video games until after dinner. With alerts that tell her if the TV is on, Janice has eyes and ears around the entertainment center even while she’s at work.


The Concerned Caretaker

Anthony has elderly parents who live in their own condo, but he likes to keep an eye on them with the following home automation features:

  • Motion detectors. With a motion detector outside the bedroom door, Anthony is alerted that his parents are up and about.
  • Panic buttons. In case of an emergency, Anthony’s elderly parents can press a panic button and send a text alert straight to Anthony’s phone.
  • Front door monitors. Every time the door opens, Anthony knows.


The Technology Buff

Garrett loves new technology and started using home automation as soon as it became available. He has automated as many features of his home as he can think of, utilizing the concept of scenes and schedules so different automated components work together. Some of his favorite scenes include:

  • “Goodnight” scene. When Garrett presses a button on his bedside controller, the doors lock themselves, the security system arms, all the lights shut off and the temperature goes down.
  • “Wake up” scene. When Garrett’s alarm goes off, the lights in the room automatically increase to 30 percent brightness, the coffee pot turns on, the towel warmer heats up and music starts playing.
  • “Entertainment” scene. When Garrett turns on the DVD player, the big screen TV comes on, the lights dim to 20 percent, the drapes close and all incoming calls go to voicemail.

Clearly, people with a wide variety of needs can benefit from home automation.

Home automation is, admittedly, freaking cool. In a way, they supercharge your home alarm system. Want to know what your home security (and home automation) options are? Call now to schedule a visit where we can sit down and design a system just for you.